The Digital Dilemma

The Digital Dilemma is a collection of essays about digital minimalism and internet addiction. Digital minimalism, a term popularized by author Cal Newport, is an approach to life that makes the most of digital technology but avoids its pitfalls like FUD, procrastination, and addiction. Essay topics include the news, music, social media, and gaming.

YouTube Channel

Most of the essays published here serve as scripts for videos on my YouTube channel. If you prefer videos over the written word, consider checking it out.

About The Author

My name is Darshan Kalola and I'm currently in medical school. I was a computer science major in undergrad and interned at Google and YouTube as a software engineer—but ultimately left tech to pursue medicine. While at YouTube, I grew jaded by how addictive the technology was. I hated that while I was struggling to limit the hours of YouTube I watched, I was writing code to do the exact opposite to millions of people around the world.